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Second Language Class

Multilingual (or bilingual) children may benefit in terms of brain function. One study found that 7-months-old babies born to bilingual families benefited in cognitive abilities.

Children who speak a foreign language may have improved cognitive development, better test results, more creativity, and better self-esteem. It was also observed that reading, math, and social performance improved among children who spoke a second language.

In addition, students who spoke a second language showed better listening skills, memory, creativity, problem-solving skills, and cognitive flexibility.

For this reason, Nori School Kids conducts classes to learn the cultures of various countries along with bilingual education.

Our Second Language program is an optional class. Nori’s immersion language program has been very successful. Students take both English and Second languages such as Spanish, Chinese, etc. The children have become very comfortable communicating their thoughts and ideas with children speak different languages.

People who speak more than one language are said to be more tolerant of the world and those around them, and more open to new work and challenges. We help our children grow into these adults.