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Gabe & Delta Sand

Gabe Class

Gabe classes can lay the foundation for mathematics and science. As children encounter physical games such as size, shape, and a number of various figures, scientific concepts such as observation, prediction, interpretation, and exploration as well as the concept of space and volume develop, making it easier to transition from concrete thinking to abstract thinking.

Children experience a three-dimensional shape that varies depending on the observation point of front, back, side, and above while stacking the gavel vertically and horizontally. As such, formative exploration through multiple viewpoints helps to form a multifaceted thinking system.

Gabe Play not only helps children develop senses through teaching experience of various materials, but also develops small muscles such as manipulation of objects, coordination of eyes and hands, holding, and holding.

Delta Sand Class

Delta Sand is a type of learning play that develops imagination, creativity, and mathematical skills by developing sensory skills felt by hands.

It helps to express what children see, hear, and feel through sand play and induces free-thinking, helping to develop a higher level of sensory function.

Delta sand is not standardized, so it develops children’s creativity indefinitely, develops imagination, and has a great effect on emotional purification.

In particular, it helps develop small muscles using a lot of hands plays and helps develop language by making objects out of delta sand and presenting their own stories on objects made by each child.