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International Student Summer Camp

Virginia Fairfax is a city of education in the U.S.It is an American version of SKY Castle city. It is prestigious schools gathered. such as Thomas Jefferson Science High School and Longfellow middle school.

High-quality private schools in Fairfax, Virginia, are called the heart of the United States. You can improve your language skills, and experience a wide range of foreign cultures. through an American-style educational experience.

Local school teachers provide systematic learning methods themselves.
It is divided into two parts: The academic area and the Communication area, where children can take various courses such as English songs, Quizzes, Cooking, Art, Swimming, and Basketball.

Each school provides a variety of activities to create opportunities to build ties with local students. Through various activities, barriers to high English subjects can be eased, and through hands-on learning, English skills can be quickly improved by eliminating the fear of English.

It helps children learn English through language impression education (experience learning) so that they can experience American lifestyles and learn English easily. In this way, children become close to English and learn language unconsciously through modeling learning.

Higher-quality Summer Camp prepared.

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