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Our Partner

We are creating wonderful projects called Nori Project with various partnership companies.


US Government Business.

Nori LLC has been working in a variety of programs. Our support works based on the local community and partners. Nori also provides educational services to children with the private Nori School.

NCSC Group

As a non-profit business group.
the volunteer program, overseas internship, senior volunteer, community development program provided.


Celebrating Korean culture from music, food, beauty and more!

Find out if you have what it takes to be a Korean pop star, or simply just relax while eating amazing

K-food while watching performances ranging from singing, dancing, both, and even special Taekwondo performances.


Catering services in the VA,MD,DC area.

We provide a balanced diet in accordance with USDA.

School meals, Event catering, Company catering, Team catering, lunch boxes, and more catering services are available.

Also, you can order custom meal plans.